Sunday, October 24, 2004

New addition to the family

I've been a little lazy on blogging. Sorry. Actually, I've wanted to write that Mandy is pregnant, but I knew that we needed to tell friends and family first. And with this being the major news in my life, I didn't see that I could blog about something else first. I guess you see my dilemma! that most of our friends know this, I can once again freely blog.

I got home last Friday, and Mandy surprised me with this bit of good news. She told me to close my eyes and hold out my hands. She put a pair of baby shoes (aka "booties", which I still think is a funny word). I'm happy to say that I wasn't freaked out. I was happy, and, thankfully, not worried. If anything, I felt weird. That's all I kept saying that day - "this feels weird."

A few days ago, Mandy read the following from It says it best:

Whether you're bursting to tell or planning to wait to spread the good news, the first few weeks of pregnancy are weird. She's not feeling particularly pregnant or different, you're definitely not feeling anything, and life is plain weird.

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