Wednesday, December 29, 2004


On Monday morning Mandy and I packed up, loaded the car, and left for Cambria. One mile later, we decided to turn around and not go.

I was coming down with a cold of some sorts, and that, coupled with the rainy weather, made our decision for us. I'm glad we stayed here. Two days later and I'm still sick, though we've had a really good time together. I hate that I'm sick, but I guess it's a good time for it.


The death toll continues to rise in S. East Asia, from 20,000, to 50,000, and today to 77,000. They say it will probably end up being around 100,000. What do you do with this kind of death? What should my response be? I've been thinking about September 11 lately. I was glued to my tv for three days. All of America was. Yet with this...I must admit that I didn't care quite as much. It didn't hit me as hard. Why is that?

God, change my worldview. Give me a heart for all of the peoples in this world. Give me your heart for your people. Show me how to respond.

Monday, December 27, 2004

I need a vacation

Christmas has come and gone. Mandy and I spent this Christmas here in California for the first time. It was quite nice. The last few weeks have been very busy. We had three services on Christmas Eve at Hillside, and then two this morning. Getting ready for these has been very time consuming.

Tomorrow morning Mandy, Jack and I are headed down to Cambria for three nights. We're going to visit Hearst Castle on Tuesday. We are both so ready for this retreat. We need it.

Hopefully, after I get back I'll be in better spirits for blogging!