Friday, January 14, 2005

Coach Carter

Sometime over the last year I heard the term, "Kingdom: Now and Not Yet." I thought about that while I watched this movie. Here's the jist of the Kingdom message...

God created the world - and it was GOOD
Sin entered the world and screwed things up
Christ came
One day, when we're in heaven, things will be as they were meant to be once again


The Kingdom is now as well. We don't have to wait until heaven. Christ's Kingdom here on earth is one of hope, peace, love, goodness, grace, restoration, etc. The Kingdom is not fully restored, but it is here. We see it everyday.

Coach Carter tells what could be a bleak story. These are not always happy stories. There's not always a lot of hope. Yet here's a man who risked a lot to do what he felt was right - and lives were changed as a result.

Work in the Kingdom can be hard. I often want to give up. I sometimes lose hope pretty easily. One day things will be as they were meant to be. But until then, I am grateful for the work that Christ did, and continues to do, in this world. Sin will continue to destroy lives, but Christ will continue to redeem lives.

May we be reminded of Christ's power. May we not-so-easily lose hope. May we press on in the Kingdom work

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