Monday, February 07, 2005


I'm not sure if I've mentioned this, but I coach a boys 4th/5th grade basketball team. These are boys from the school where Mandy teaches (Hillside Elementary School). Ian and I have coached these boys the last two seasons. We won one game last year. As of this past Saturday we were 0-2. The team we were playing on Saturday was 2-1.

We were down by four or five points going into the 4th quarter, having been down the entire game. We finally took the lead with two minutes left. The other team got the lead back the next play. With a minute left in the game we scored, and went on to win the game!

Our boys were so excited. I was so excited. I actually thought I was going to pull a Coack K (by the way, I love Coach K. I love Duke).

Practice is today. I look forward to celebrating with my team!

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mandy said...

You are on your way to being the next Coach K! Hillside loves you! You are making a difference in these kids lives. I love you for that!