Friday, February 18, 2005

It's a boy!

Yesterday Mandy, her mom Lyndia, and I went to Pleasanton to a place called 3D BabyVu. The pictures below came from the ultrasound Mandy had there. We also took home a 20-minute dvd of the ultrasound. A couple of weeks ago Mandy had an ultrasound at her doctor's office, but we were not able to determine if our baby was a boy or a girl. There was no doubt about it with this one - we got ourselves a little boy.

It was a pretty amazing experience. I wondered what the staff at this place think about God. You either stand in awe, or you chalk it up to scientific procedure. I prefer to be amazed. It makes life more interesting.

I've had another thought regarding the kid this week. I've realized that I don't trust God as much as I'd like to think I do. In most situations, I at least have a little control in what happens. Not so in the life of my son. It is completely out of my hands. Except for trying to take care of her body by eating the right kinds of foods resting, it's out of Mandy's hands as well.'s easy to stress a little with this. Mandy had some lower back pains last weekend, and her dad said that it could be her kidneys, which we then realized was a really big thing. We were of course worried, and had to wait a whole two days before she could talk to her doctor. The doctor said not to worry about it, that it wasn't her kidneys, and she and the baby were fine. We could breathe easily again, at least until the next thing. That's not the way I want to live. God has given life to this baby, and He will take care of him as well. I need to chill, and let God be God. It's His hands that my child is in! My job is to just sit and be amazed.

Sounds like a good deal doesn't it!

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Jason Elder said...

Oh, My Goodness. I will also stand and be amazed at this beautiful boy. I have no idea what joy you two must be feeling as the days go on into the next.

God is knitting your son together day after day. That's worth sitting and gazing at for a while.