Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A long-overdue posting

The slacker returns!

After a month goes by, it's difficult to get back in the routine of blogging (not that I had a very long history of blogging). The problem is where to begin. So much has happened.

Oh well...I'll start with something light.

I watched three movies over the last week.

Oceans 12
I was hoping for more. It could have been a lot better. To sum up what I didn't like about it, everything was just too clever. I did like Matt Damon's part, though

An ok movie. The best thing was learning how to make the world's greatest sandwich. There's a scene where Adam Sandler's character makes a sandwich with bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and a fried egg. I thought it looked good when I saw it. Then we were browsing the special features and came upon a section called "The World's Greatest Sandwich." They showed why they chose this sandwich, as well as how they made it. I decided that I too needed one of these sandwiches. I ate one that night and the next!

Hotel Rwanda
This movie moved me more than any I've seen in quite some time. After it was over I journaled the following thoughts:

I just finished watching Hotel Rwanda, and was deeply impacted. I can’t believe this happened just eleven years ago. I can’t believe that I never knew that one million people were massacred in Africa – in 1994. I believe that one day we who are privileged will experience pain like this. As I reflect on this movie, I wonder who I would have been more like: Joaquin Phoenix’s character, who, as he was leaving, said, “I’m so ashamed,” or Paul, who stayed and made a difference. I don’t want to get comfortable. What does God want to tell me through this film?

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