Monday, May 23, 2005

Tech problems

I just got my network back up and running. At some point yesterday something happened. Because my phone is through the internet (vonage), I had no phone as weel. I did all of the little troubleshooting I knew to do this morning (resetting both the modem and the router, etc), and still nothing. So I finally called Comcast. Would you believe it that the problem was that the power button on the modem was not on!!! Makes you want to cuss, or laugh, doesn't it!
The modem sits underneath Adam's baby bed, and I was getting some things out from under it for Mandy yesterday. I guess while I was doing it I hit the button.

I tried all of the complex things I knew to do, yet the solution to the problem was the most simple thing I could do.

I'll leave the applications to you.


Jason Elder said...

I'm good at applying principles to stories. I think all of this means that Adam is going to be so complex and yet so simple that you are going to call for help (probably doctor Phil or his son) and the answer is going to be laying there in the open--your oversight caused all of the hassle all of those years.

Well, just wanted to say something to be a blessing.

Robert said...

Thank you, friend. I appreciate your encouragement (he says with a bit of sarcasm)!