Friday, July 08, 2005

Rwanda Pt. 2

Tonight we're watching Hotel Rwanda again. We're about halfway through it and are taking a break. Once again the tears have flowed again. I'm reminded that I cry during a lot of films. I cried during a Keanu Reeves film called Hardball (not because of Keanu's acting). I know some people who don't cry. I sometimes feel bad for them. But here's what I know: if I do not change, if I am not transformed, then there will come a time when I will cease to cry. My heart will not be the same. My prayer for Adam last night was that his heart would hurt for people who are being mistreated. I pray that his heart would be soft towards those who are hurting. My prayer for myself is the same. But it is time that I take action with my prayers. I must once again ask the question, "how should I then live?''

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