Sunday, August 07, 2005

Freak accident

On Friday I brought my car into the shop for some preventative service. The mechanic said that I needed an alignment, but because I wanted to get some new tires anyway, said that I should wait on the alignment until after the new tires were on the car. At about 1:30 I headed to Union City (about 20 minutes away) to get some tires. I was going south on I-880 when, all of a sudden, the tread on my left front tire came off. In doing so, it ripped up quite a bit of my car. Thankfully, I was able to get over the shoulder without being hit by another car.

I called AAA. Forty-five minutes later we had a spare on the wheel, and he thought it would be ok to drive to a nearby tire place. After getting a new tire, I went straight to a body shop. The estimate he gave was $4600. I bought the car in January, 2004 for $5000. Sounds like my insurance will probably be totalling the car. Not sure yet what that will mean for us.

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zionred said...

Man that sucks. Car problems are always so frustrating. I'm glad you're ok, though.