Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Blacks Blast Bush for Katrina Response

I saw this on CNN a couple of nights ago. Regardless of whether or not there are right and wrong answers here, this much division should be cause for concern.


Anonymous said...

You can thank the Democrats for creating the racial divide in this country. They are the ones that are always dividing people according to race or nationality.

Jason Elder said...

Well, I think that there should be pause for a second and think about why we are so divided in this country. I don't think it is "us" and "them." And plainly think it's simply "us." We are responsbile for being people of reconciliation. I severely doubt that all Democrats have created the racial divide in this country, or the socio-economic divide. Anonymous, that's a big statement to make.

I'm not implying that the Republicans have caused this divide either.

I will say that our President, my President, said, "I will be a uniter and not a divider." And it seems, at least, from the article that we are not united. It seems from basic public television, whether Al Frankin or Michael Savage, that we are divided.

So whether Demos or Repubs or Indies I'd say "we" (not "them") should have some serious introspection time planned on our calendars.

Robert said...

Well said