Monday, September 12, 2005

Cooperative Kitchen

I envision a life with less fast food in the car and more spreads of home cooking with family and friends. Shoving burritos in our mouths while driving can't be what God had in mind for us. We have lost the beautiful art of sharing a meal together. I want to regain that art.

This is from the introduction to Randy Frazee's book Making Room for Life. I started reading it last night. This Friday night we are starting the Cooperative Kitchen back up. We'll be meeting every other week at a church in the Lake Merritt area of Oakland.

There are several reasons why we started the Kitchen.
1. Our eating habits are not as nutritious as they should be.
2. Many people do not know how to cook. It could be said that we're a little intimidated by the kitchen.
3. Because of these two reasons, we tend to eat out a lot, which either is really expensive, or, if it's not, is quite bad for your body (Did you see the documentary Super Size Me?).
4. If we do eat at home, more often than not we're not together. It's difficult to find time for everyone to sit down at the table and share a meal together.

The Cooperative Kitchen exists to empower people to live (w)holistic by providing fresh, healthy, and delicious meals for one another and to people who are time-starved, budget sensitive, health conscience, and/or environmentally aware.

Our four values are:

· Economic (Smart Buying) - leverage the buying power of a group of people for fair trade economics

· Health (Nutrition) - Creative planning that brings balance and nutrition to the table without sacrificing taste

· Community Collaboration (Relationships) - bringing an interdependence to each other as we work together

· Time (Convenience) - to create meals together in less time than it takes to do so individually, without taking time away from the things in life wevalue and want to enjoy

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