Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Making Ends Meet

Today's Chronicle front page cover story is about a new study that estimates what it costs for a family to "make it" in California.

The gap between high-income and low-income Americans is widening, the ranks of the poor in California and nationwide are swelling, and middle-class workers have lost ground compared with the 1970s, several national and state studies show.

The study finds that a Bay Area family of four, with one working parent, needs to make $55,740 a year just to meet the following monthly expenses: housing/utilities, transportation, food, health care, taxes, and miscellaneous. Note that this does not account for home ownership, but only renting!


Anonymous said...

and your point in this? this is not new news.

Robert said...

Hi Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous. I appreciate the fact that you like to read my blog, but you are quite rude. Perhaps you've had a bad day.
If you have something to say, it would really be better to share your identity. At least that way I don't have to call you Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous.



zionred said...

Unfortunately, you get a lot of those kinds of comments as a blogger.

Mandy said...


I just want to say how much I appreciate all you are doing to allow me to stay at home with our precious son. I know we live in a very expensive place, and we would be alot more comfortable if I were bringing in an income. But it means so much to me that you are working so hard to make ends meet so I can be home with Adam. You are an amazing husband.

I love you,


Jason Elder said...

Yeah, Anonymous has read my blog too. It must be one of those famous generational names like Sally, Kiersten, Bill, Megan, and Apple.

Too bad. I'd rather have a dialogue than a monologue.

Unanonymous, (not unanimous)