Wednesday, December 28, 2005

On the road to Gualala

Last night we got to our rental house in Gualala. We knew we were close to the ocean because we could hear it. This morning I awoke to the most wonderful site. I should take this opportunity to thank the Altom’s and Caulkin’s for the gift of three nights at this place with Jason and Barb.

I should next take the opportunity to mention that we almost didn’t get here. We got 10 miles outside of Petaluma when we came upon some flooding. Mandy and I decided that we would go through it first since we were in the SUV. We got through it just fine. Jason and Barb were about to follow when a lady advised them to go a different way. She said that there was a spot ahead a few miles where the flooding was much worse. They turned around and headed back to 101. I had never gone through flooding, and thought it was pretty fun. We didn’t know that there was another spot ahead. When we got there I was still on a bit of an adrenaline high and was ready to take it. I got halfway through and noticed that I could just barely see the rails that are normally very easy to see. I got a little nervous at this point. Thankfully we got through it. Soon we got on Hwy 1.

The first time traffic stopped it was because of a mudslide. Fortunately a tractor was cleaning it up and we didn’t have to wait long. The second time traffic stopped it was because of the cows. About thirty cows decided to head to Gualala with us – and they also decided to use Hwy. 1!

We thought the trip would take us about three hours, but it turned out to be more like five or six. Jason and Barb ended up coming through Hwy 1 a half hour or so after us, and by then there were more mudslides. They had to take a detour. Thankfully we all made it.

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