Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The question of homosexuality

I just came across this article from Leadership Journal by Brian McLaren. There is the original article by Brian, followed by a second article that is really a selected response by a reader. The next response is from Mark Driscoll. Finally there is a response by Brian McLaren. Throughout all of these there are comments by readers.

Here are a few thoughts.

1. It saddens me how much (I'm going to use the word) hatred there is. Hate normally comes as a result of prejudice or fear. Maybe there is a little of both of these going on.

2. We've just moved to Memphis. We're going to be living in a place where there are more homosexuals than anywhere within at least a 200-mile radius. I am hearing church leaders struggling with this topic. Being from the San Francisco area, we are being asked our opinion. I'm glad the questions are being asked.

3. I've been a fan of both Driscoll and McLaren. I feel like one reader who asked if it was possible to like both of these guys, or if he was going to have to choose. Maybe that's one of our problems. I first heard both of these guys at the same conference - the Young Leader conference in New Mexico in 1998. Over the years I've learned a great deal from both of them. It's too bad that they now feel this way about the other.

4. I think this is a very difficult issue. I don't think I should be ashamed to admit that I have trouble with this. I don't think it's like slavery. At the same time, I don't want my fear and prejudice to dictate how I relate to a homosexual. I don't think my job is to repel a person with the truth. Enough of that is happening today. If a person wants to truly dialog, then I am willing to engage, to build a relationship. We can look at Scripture. We can pray. We can be honest with one another. If that person wants nothing more than to pick a fight, I'm probably not the best one to engage with.

5. I want to be careful what I write, as well as how I write. So many things can be misunderstood. Dialogue is much better. I'm glad only about two people read this blog. Maybe that will help to keep me out of trouble.

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Ron Henzel said...

"I'm glad only about two people read this blog." You mean there's someone besides me?