Thursday, February 09, 2006

What is Church?

Here are excerpts from an article I read this morning. Thanks to Kenny for the link.

Recently I was speaking with a good friend about his dream to plant a church/ministry in New York city, since his dream is seemingly the same as mine just opposite coasts, I was more apt to listen closely. He made the statement that he wanted to plant a church in the city that truly lived out the church 6 days a week, and on the 7th day he didn't care where they went to worship.

I must admit that this idea resonates deep in my heart of hearts but at first this idea struck me as strange, why would you plant a church with no visible numbers to report? Why would you submit yourself to such hardwork and arduous labor without being able to write a prayer letter detailing the size of your services or the size of your sanctuary? With no tangible results how will anyone know what is going on? This is the mindset of the church today, a mindset that must change if the kingdom is to be increased. is because of these friends that my mind, more importantly my heart, has changed. Being the church is more important than a Sunday morning service. Sure we'll probably have one in Portland. Yes I hope it grows. But my prayer is that our leadership never get bigger than Jesus. That we never let our human greed defeat our desire to meet human need. And that we look nothing like the "money changers" of old, but rather the True church of Jesus Christ.

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nolesrock said...

Cool...I think we are all on the same page...some friends of mine have started what they call "The Real Zoo" in Tallahassee, so that some of us can rediscover what it means to BE the Church. You can link to it from my blog if you want to.