Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Sudanese refugees in Memphis

The Memphis Flyer has a great article about the hunderes of Sudanese refugees who have settled in Memphis. The following quote is from Rhodes student Rachel Boulden, and really summarizes the article.

"We have to get people to pay attention and realize the refugees are here. They really are like invisible people. No one knows they're here - or they just don't care."

In this article there is a plea for more volunteers. There is a plea for churches to get involved. We first have to educate ourselves. I continue to be amazed that it is a periodical like the Memphis Flyer that educates me about the world. Once we learn, we have to give. We have to get involved. I know that this is one of the reasons we are in Memphis. It's one of the reasons why Project Mustard Seed exists.

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Jason Elder said...

How do we find out more about the Sudanese in Memphis?

Enjoyed the phone call the other day. Looking forward to more.