Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Lost - there's never been a show like it!

I've been watching Lost since the first episode. There were a couple of times last season that I got online to "research" what the heck was going on. I realized that there are different types of fans. There are those who watch the show every Wednesday, but that's it. Then there are the others (not those "others"), those who treat the show like a PhD research assignment. I have to say that I don't have time to devote my life to this topic, but it sure is tempting. There are three more hours left this season, and it's getting good. Tonight I've been surfing the web, and am pretty much blown away by the creatives behind this show.

ABC has just started an interactive game called "The Lost Experience." This is a pdf document detailing the hints from the first week of the experience.

Here are several links to other interesting sites:

Lost in "Lost" - article from USA Today
The Lost Experience
The Lost Experience Clues
Oceanic Flight 815
The Fuselage
The Hanso Foundation
Society for the Study of Lost
More "Lost" than Ever

Enjoy, and remember, if you haven't been watching this brilliant show, there are always DVD's! Yeah!

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