Monday, July 31, 2006

A good day

Today was a good day. God was very good to me. Here's how.

Jason and I had thought about going to the Willow Creek Leadership Summit next week. It's pretty expensive, and you're really just watching a video. We thought it would make more sense to get the DVD's when they came out. However, today I got an email from the Church Planter's Network that Hope Pres sponsors. They had ten tickets to give away. I got us two tickets.

A week or so ago I signed up for a new phone service - SunRocket. It's like Vonage, only a MUCH better deal. The promotion was, sign up for a year for $199, get three months free. (You get two lines with this deal). So I signed up. Yesterday I hooked everything up. So far I've been very pleased. Today I was at work. I was telling my friend Camille about SunRocket, and went to the website to show her a few things. They had a new promotion - 2 years for $199. You can imagine that I was a little frustrated. I decided to call. I was on hold for close to ten minutes, but I used that time to get my ammunition ready. Fortunately for them, I didn't have to use that ammunition. They gave me the new promotion price!

Today was a good day.

Oh yeah...if you want to get SunRocket, please give them my info. I get free stuff.

Phone Number: 901-881-7724
Email address:


Amy said...

Robert, hey, I was going to sign up for sunrocket after reading your post. Do you still like it? are you having any computer issues? can you use all your same phones? How is the reception? Are you worried they will go out of business before your year is out and you would be out your money? Just very interested and have lots of questions...

Anonymous said...

SunRocket is no more in the list of VoIP providers. I have switched to Lingo and ported by number, so far it is working finely well.