Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day weekend

We had a very busy Labor Day weekend. Perhaps it has something to do with being in California the past six years, but we had four different invitations from people for this weekend. We spent Friday night at my dad's cabin on Pickwick Lake. There were twelve of us in all. We were there for less than 24 hours, then drove to the Nashville airport to meet Adam's new cousin, Addie Mae. Mandy's aunt and uncle spent the past two weeks in China in order to adopt Addie Mae, and they wanted the whole family at the airport when they arrived. It was awesome to see how so many people's lives have been changed by this little girl. I'll try to write more about Addie Mae sometime soon.

That night we went to see Mandy's college roommate, Samantha. Emily, one of Mandy's other roommates, and her husband Matt, were there as well. It was a quick visit. Sunday morning we were back at Leslie's, but Addie Mae, still on China time, was asleep. We ended our time at Shane and Steve's house. Shane and Steve were friends of ours from the Church@Hickory Hollow. They now have three kids. Bryan and Liesl Dunlap were there with their two kids, as was Michelle Mattox. It was so good to be with all of them. I'm grateful that we will be able to see them more frequently now.

We got home around 7:30, put Adam to bed, and were asleep by 9:00. We were all drained, and Mandy and I were both fighting colds, or allegies, or a little of both. Adam was a trooper through it all. He's such a great little kid.

It was great seeing so many people, but I think we'll try to spread our trips out a little more from now on.

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