Thursday, October 05, 2006

Session 2: Marcus Buckingham

Marcus wrote the bestseller Now Discover Your Strengths. The basic premise is that we need to quit focusing on how to improve our weaknesses and instead spend time developing our strengths. He said that it is ingrained in us to spend time working on our weak areas, and he said that this starts as a child. If your child brings home three “A’s”, two “B’s”, and a “D”, what are we going to tell him or her to focus on. Not the A’s or B’s. He went on to say that the overwhelming majority of adults believe that success comes when a person works to improve in their areas of weakness.

He has polled many people on the following three questions (taken from his website):

Question 1
What percentage of a typical work day do you spend doing things you really like to do?

Question 2
Which do you think will help you be most successful: Improving my weaknesses or building my strengths?

Question 3
When your manager discusses your performance with you, do you spend more time talking about how to build your strengths or how to improve your weaknesses?

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