Saturday, September 08, 2007

Two Chapters a Day

For the past few months I've been trying to read two chapters of the Bible each day. For the most part I've been doing pretty well. I'm planning on starting the book of Acts on Monday. I think that's fitting with our first service and all. Bill Hybels spoke about the early church at the New Church Conference last April. I didn't go, but I've listened to it. Here's my paraphrase of what he said...

There was once a community of people who were completely devoted to God. They were so devoted to God that when He told them to go, they went. They would do whatever God told them to do. In this community there was a radical love for one another that broke down every kind of wall there is. Each member used his or her spiritual gifts, and they knew that they were dependent not only on God, but on one another as well. They believed that God could perform signs and wonders, and because of this, they regularly stood in awe. The people in this community of faith burned with passion to take the gospel to their world. When they were threatened and told to stop, they met in an open room and prayed not for God to stop the Romans, but for courage to spill their blood. There was once a community of faith like this.

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