Thursday, December 20, 2007

Reflections on my Birthday

My birthday was Tuesday. I turned 33 years old. My dad said that the first birthday that seemed a little weird to him was when he turned 35, so we'll see if that happens for me. This one didn't seem any different than any other one before it. Of course Jason reminded me that this is the crucifixion year. Thanks Jason.

My step-dad's birthday is December 22, so we celebrated our birthdays together on Tuesday night by going to The Butcher Shop for some steaks. Joining us were Mandy, Adam, my Mom, and my step-grandparents. We noticed that Adam wasn't himself. He was acting tired and wanted Mandy to hold him. Towards the end of the dinner we learned what was wrong - he threw up! The poor guy didn't even get to sample the steak. Turned out that he was fine after that, and didn't get sick anymore. And he and I enjoyed the leftover steak last night.

The highlight of the day, though, was getting to see my baby for the first time. On Monday night Mandy shocked herself when she touched an exposed, and live, wire on her laptop cord. She was fine, but was worried about the baby. She called her doctor, who said that it was probably fine, but she should come in Tuesday for an ultrasound. Since we were both a little worried, I went with her. The baby is perfectly fine, and even posed for a picture. I'll post it soon. Mandy is 12 1/2 weeks, and the due date is June 29.

It was a good birthday!


Anonymous said...


I came across your blog through the Lamplighter. When did you graduate from Union? One of my best friends growing up graduated in 2000, Kyle Wiltshire.

I can relate to your restaurant adventure. The Friday before last my wife and our two kids went to Saigon Le for supper. My daughter is two and lately had been saying "my stomach hurts" a lot at night when she wanted to get attention after going to bed. So, when she complained of the same thing that night we didn't pay much heed to it.

Within ten seconds of getting seated, she proceeded to vomit all over the floor under our table. The floor was carpeted and the vomit was 98% curdled milk, so you can imagine what a disaster it was.

The restaurant folks couldn't have been cooler. One of the owners ran out into the parking lot to give us some chicken soup with noodles to help her tummy feel better. I went back an hour later to order takeout and give them a plant (sometimes you can't kick a craving), and everything was spotless.

Anyway, I glad to have found your blog and wish yall much success with your church.

Robert said...

Hi John. Isn't it great having kids! I graduated in 1997, so I probably missed your friend. Do you live in the neighborhood? Robert

Anonymous said...

Kids are way more fun than I ever could have imagined.

We live in Evergreen.