Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007 Top Ten List: Music

This is a hard one. I love music, and I love finding new music. This Top 10 list is a little random. It consists of artists, albums, and even songs. Enjoy! Oh yeah, I'm breaking another rule: there are a few bonus selections.
  1. Dave Barnes - I actually first heard Dave Barnes at last year's Catalyst Conference (October 2006), but I didn't purchase his albums until this year. So good.
  2. Andy McKee - I discovered Andy McKee from Steve McCoy's blog. I have one of his videos here. Listening to him is good. Watching what he does on a guitar is amazing.
  3. Damien Rice - Mandy and I got to see him at the Orpheum this year. It was just him, his guitar, a bassist, and a drummer. They were super tight.
  4. Bibo No Aozoro - This is from the movie Babel. After watching the movie I went straight to Itunes to buy this track.
  5. Derek Webb - His last few albums (I See Things Upside Down, Mockingbird, & The Ringing Bell) have been great. Not a week goes by when I don't listen to something by him.
  6. Hide and Seek - Imogene Heap is kind of weird, but this song is amazing. I also love the Frou Frou album Details.
  7. Hillsong United - I purchased United We Stand and All of the Above this year. I missed a chance to see them live this year. That would have been an awesome experience. If you're not familiar with them, check out this and you might just find yourself wanting to.
  8. Continuum (John Mayer) - I know that this album is a couple of years old, but I still have to include it for the number of times I've listened to it this year. When it first came out I didn't like it that much. Not sure why, but a few months ago I started listening to it nonstop.
  9. O Magnum Mysterium - This is on my top 10 list every year. It's from a composer named Morten Lauridsen and from a recording by the LA Master Chorale. I bought the CD quite a few years ago, but I listen to it any time I just need to be still. Here's a great recording of it on YouTube.
  10. Over the Rhine - OK, I know they've been around for awhile, and I'm not sure how I've missed them...but all is not lost...I'm making up for lost time! My dad had burned me a couple of their CD's (yes, I know that's not good but this too is ok for I am now buying their CD's). Anyway, a few months ago Mandy and I were painting our front room and I tuned into OTR on my Ipod. I was captured by their music on the spot. I'll stop writing now. Just watch this.
  11. Give Yourself Away (Robbie Seay Band) - I haven't really gotten into their previous albums, but this one is awesome! My favorite songs on the album are "New Day", "Shine Your Light on Us", and "Song of Hope."
  12. Jon Foreman - You might know him as the frontman for Switchfoot. I heard him to a solo performance at Q last April. He is an amazing guitarist. Let Your Love Be Strong is one of my favorite songs of the year.

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