Saturday, April 26, 2008

Running with Tic Tacs

I'm hoping to blog a little about the Exponential Conference either today or tomorrow. Until then, I have to share a funny story about Adam. Yesterday he got up early, so I got him situated in the back with some juice and the Wiggles, and then I went to lay back down. A few minutes later Mandy and I heard a clicking sound combined with the running of little feet. I said to Mandy, "Do you think he got the tic tacs?" We pictured the scene in our minds, and then both busted out laughing. He opened up the drawer that contained the tic tacs, picked them up, and then took off running to the back room. Little did he know that running with tic tacs creates noise and is a quicker way to get busted than is walking with them slowly and quietly. I'm sure he'll learn soon enough. Mandy walked to the back and caught him with four tic tacs in his mouth. When she came back, we both decided that we could chalk that one to either little brains or total depravity. Either way, it was pretty funny!

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