Sunday, May 04, 2008

Birthing Class

Yesterday Mandy and I attended an all day birthing class. You might be wondering why we went to a birthing class when we already have a child. Here's the explanation: Adam was born via c-section. Because he was breech, and the doctor knew that a c-section was necessary, there was no need to learn how to breathe (Mandy) and coach (me). This time, however, baby boy is looking good, and a normal delivery is possible. Therefore, we decided that we needed to join the first time parents for a birthing class.

At one point during the class, during a slideshow of newborns, a thought hit me: "I don't know if I can do this." All of a sudden it hit me, "I have already done this. What am I talking about!" I think it just shows that (1) no one is a pro, and (2) you just figure it out as you go. The first two weeks of Adam's life were a blur to me, and I'm thankful that we have much of those two weeks on DVD.

The instructor kept mentioning "the grand design" yesterday, and I have to say that throughout the day I was reminded of God's grandeur. At one point I turned to Mandy and whispered, "I wonder what the meeting was like when the grand design of birth was decided on by the Trinity?" Think about that for a little while!

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