Saturday, June 28, 2008

At the hospital...

A little after 5:00 this morning, Mandy woke me up and said that she had been up most of the night having contractions and thought it was time. My first feeling was guilt for having slept through it all. She was very calm, which impressed me, and told me to call my mom and ask her to come to the house to keep Adam. I got up and called Mandy's parents. We got ready, then waited for my mom to arrive. We left the house around 7:00.

When we arrived the nurse said that she only dilated 3 cm or so. An hour later this was still the case. Normally, they would probably send her home, but since she had a c-section with Adam, they wanted her to stay. Megan is here, and Mandy's parents will be here soon. I'm sure Adam is having a great time with his Nana (she is taking him to the Children's Museum this morning).

Her contractions have been getting stronger over the last hour, so hopefully they are doing what they are supposed to do. We may be here for awhile, but I'm glad we're here.

More to come soon...

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