Monday, June 23, 2008

Meeting with God

Our Sunday evening worship gatherings at Neighborhood Church has been awesome the past couple of months. We've really gone back to the basics of what it means to follow Jesus. For the past five weeks we've been discussing what it means to abide with Christ (John 15). We've been able to be honest with the fact that at times God feels very distant. (I'm really glad to belong to a group that is honest, transparent and vulnerable when it comes to spiritual issues). I've also seen in the group a sense of expectation on what God is going to do next. This whole thing has been out of Jason and my hands for awhile now, and we're really seeing Jesus lead our church. I have no idea what next Sunday is going to look like. I assume that God will reveal something to Jason and I over the next few days, but I know that I am anxiously awaiting our time together.

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