Saturday, July 19, 2008

Off to the beach

This past week has been extremely busy. We've had a lot of air conditioning problems, but this morning we're going to have a new compressor installed. Hopefully this will finally solve the problems. I also officially started my new job as a property manager. My first client is a family here in Cooper-Young. My plan is to add a few more this fall. There's been a somewhat steep learning curve with this, but I'm really enjoying it.

This morning we are heading to St. George Island in Florida with Mandy's sister and parents. Mandy, Micah and I are traveling in one vehicle, and Adam will go with the others. Today we're driving five hours and staying the night in Montgomery. In the morning we'll travel the final five hours. Hopefully Micah will do ok riding that long in the car. We're going to take our time and stop whenever we need to.

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