Thursday, September 25, 2008

Chasing Cars

I love the world wide web. It provides answers for so many of my questions. For examples, today I heard a song on the radio that I really liked. It seemed very familiar, and I thought I might have heard it while watching Grey's Anatomy (Mandy has gotten into this show recently, and I've watched a few episodes with her). The song was soon over, and it was time to get out of the truck and go to Adam's first soccer practice (I'll post some pictures if my buddy Josh will send them to me).

Five hours later I remembered that I need to find that song, but of course I couldn't remember any lyrics or even what it sounded like. So I went to FM 100's website, and discovered a handy dandy song finder. I scrolled over to 5:30pm and found a song called "Chasing Cars" by the band Snow Patrol. Sure enough that was it. I googled it and saw that I had indeed heard it last week on Grey's Anatomy.

So the thought for the day is that the world wide web brings me great joy and satisfaction.

For more great joy and satisfaction, watch this video.

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