Thursday, October 02, 2008

Adam's Arm

On Sunday night Adam was playing after church and hurt his arm. That night he wouldn't let either of us touch it. I ended up sleeping in his bed with him that night. He woke up on Monday morning and wanted to go to school. We decided to let him go, but told his teachers that he wasn't feeling well. A couple of hours later his teacher called to say that he definitely wasn't himself. Mandy called the doctor and headed to pick up Adam.

I ended up meeting them all at the doctor's office in Bartlett. Adam was very scared, but he did great. The doctor was able to fix his elbow pretty easily, but then was concerned about his wrist. He wanted us to go to another doctor's office, this one in Collierville. So off we went. This doctor did an x-ray to make sure that Adam's wrist wasn't broken.

We were thankful that the x-ray came back negative. The doctor gave Adam a splint to wear for a week or so. He's been doing great wearing it. Another positive that's coming out of it is that Adam hasn't sucked him thumb in several days now because of the splint.

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