Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A few measly hours

Yesterday I missed out on a great real estate deal by a few hours. The sad thing is that this is the second time this has happened. I guess this comes with the territory, but it's still a little frustrating.

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dy said...

When you were doing your teaching on stewardship and again when I read this post, you reminded me of a movie I once saw.

There once was a potato farmer. There were times when he had a good year and he was able to sell the surplus crop and have a little extra money. There were some years that were bad and he only had enough to feed his family.

His wife died in childbirth having his second child. He knew he needed a new wife to help raise the kids and help on the farm. He advertised for a wife and married a young woman who was unfamiliar with farming.

Part of the thing about being a potato farmer was the you had to save some of the really small (golf ball size) potatoes as seed for the next year's crop. He would put them in burlap sacks to save them.

The first year of marriage was a lean year for the crop. He made a comment to his wife one night at supper that the "eating" potatoes had lasted longer than he thought they would. To his horror, his wife told him they had plenty of potatoes because she had been using the ones out of the burlap sacks.

So what was he to do? Feed his family on what he had now - or save the seed potatoes for next year's crop and let the family go hungry?

When you say you "missed" maybe you were aiming at the wrong thing. Maybe the Lord was saving the "seed" so you can have a greater harvest later on. Maybe if you had made this good deal you would have been satisfied - for now. But you would miss the untold amount of gain of the harvest because the seed was gone.