Thursday, January 01, 2009

2008 Top Ten Lists: Blogs

These are the blogs that I read weekly. Once again, in no particular order.
  1. Scot McKnight - He recently moved over to I always enjoy his content.
  2. Ben Witherington - NT scholar who also writes some really good movie reviews
  3. Mark Batterson - whenever I read his blog I'm inspired to be creative and work with excellence
  4. Jonathan Dodson - I've been reading his blog for a few months. He's a church planter in Austin.
  5. Ed Stetzer - missiologist, researcher, author
  6. John Carroll - fellow missionary here in Memphis; I always enjoy reading his blog.
  7. Joe Boyd - Joe is on staff at Vineyard Cincinnatti. A great storyteller, he is currently working on his first book.
  8. Seth Godin - everyone knows Seth Godin, right?
  9. Steve McCoy - I'm always anxious to read his blog just for his music recommendations and links to other sites.
  10. Dan Kimball - I appreciate his balanced approach to so many controversial issues facing the church today

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