Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Coach Cal Leaving?

Apparently Coach Calipari is announcing this afternoon whether or not he is leaving Memphis for Kentucky. It is going to be troubling for so many in Memphis if he leaves. Not only will we be losing a great coach (and a great Memphian), but we also stand to lose several prized recruits. It's also troubling for another reason, though: How concerned should we be that something like this puts us in such a state of depression? In the grand scheme of things, how big a deal is this?


David Morris said...

That is very true. It has impacted me. Not to the extent of the loss of the Nat. Champ. game but sad still. I do think I am sad for the city and that it is not wrong to love a team but I do agree it is a good time to check priorities and ask what am I passionate about?

Robert said...

No doubt. There's definitely a sense of rejection going around. Kind of makes me feel like I'm back in junior high again.