Monday, June 08, 2009

Acts Summer Series

Last night we began our series through the book of Acts.  I've been looking forward to this for awhile.  We're also starting our first community group this Wednesday night.  We had home groups before we started meeting at the Skinner Center, but then went to men's and women's groups because it was easier for one parent to stay home with kids.  

I've felt for awhile that we were really missing something.  That "something" is community.  We were discovering that the women of the church don't really know the men of the church that well, and vice-versa.  And I really felt that our children ought to be in settings where they can observe the lives of godly men and women.  

So this summer, in conjunction with our study of the early church, we're going to practice "being" church.  I'm sure it will be a little messy, but community always is.  And, as we saw last night, the early church was definitely messy!

The Community Group Discussion Questions can be downloaded from our website.

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