Monday, June 29, 2009

Micah got $10 from the Aldi's lady

Yes, you read that right. Mandy called to tell me that she and Micah went to Aldi's this morning. As they were in line Micah was his usual charming self. The check-out lady asked how old he was, and she told her that he turned 1 yesterday. After checking out, the lady left the register, even though there were quite a few people in line. When she returned, she handed Mandy a ten dollar bill and told her to get him something for his birthday. Mandy tried to persuade her not to do this, but she insisted.

What a humbling act of kindness! On the way to the lake this weekend Mandy and I were brainstorming about servant evangelism, and how we as a church can begin blessing people in the same way that Mandy was blessed this morning. This act gives even more momentum to it!

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