Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Tonight Mandy and I are going to see Wicked at the Orpheum. We've been looking forward to this for awhile. Actually, it's been six years. Six years ago we had tickets to go see Wicked in San Francisco. It was right after I had graduated from Golden Gate Seminary and we had moved to San Leandro. We were going with our friends Amy and Josh. Earlier that day I started feeling bad. I wasn't sure what it was, but though I was in a bit of pain, I wasn't going to skip going to see Wicked.

That evening Amy and Josh picked us up and we started heading towards San Francisco. On the bay bridge, in normal heavy traffic, the pain in my stomach got worse. I still didn't it was a big deal, though, so we pressed on.

We got our seats (nosebleed I might add), and pretty soon the performance began. The first song wasn't even over, and I had to get up. At this point I thought it was my appendix. After I was gone for 15 or so minutes, Mandy came to find me. We got a cab, and headed to the emergency room. After a catscan, it was determined that I had a kidney stone. A shot of morphine later and I was feeling good. So good, in fact, that I told Mandy that I wanted to name the dog "Morphine." (We got a bichon puppy the next day, and named him Jack, not Morphine).

So here's hoping that this evening is not a repeat of six years ago!

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Mandy Grisham said...

thank you for not having a kidney stone. glad my poison ivy didn't ruin it. great date!