Monday, December 21, 2009

Weekly Links

1. Gotta start out with this video. It's not everyday that something this awesome and unexpected happens.

2. When Helping Hurts - I heard Steve Corbett speak at CCDA and then purchased the book. Here is an article by the co-author, Brian Fikkert. I have to say that I had never heard anyone say these things, yet something resounded within me that these guys are speaking truth.

3. Another free ebook from Seth Godin - What Matters Now

4. Jim Belcher, author of Deep Church, responds to some of his critics. Almost finished with this book, and it is great.

5. Perry Noble's 7 questions that teams should be asking. This is very helpful if you are a part of a team.

6. Scot McKnight's brief review on Alan Roxburgh's new book makes me want to read it. Guess that's the point of book reviews, right. I think the three missional conversations that speak of are right on point.

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Unknown said...

robert - 1st thx 4 sharing the video! great stuff. also, notice the mention of advance memphis in "when helping hurts" - i can brag on my coworkers doing a great job cause i had nothing to do w/it!