Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Mandy!

I suppose this post should have been written yesterday, since that was technically Mandy's birthday (not sure why I just used the word "technically"). But better late than never, right? Actually, I'm glad I waited, because something hit me last night that I'm truly thankful for. Last night three of Mandy's closest friends took her out to eat. She returned home almost three hours later. Now, for me, three hours at a restaurant is not a good night. But for Mandy, it's great.

I've discovered over the last year or so that my wife is a very relational person. I'm not sure why that fact has eluded me over almost 11 years of marriage. I think it's because she hasn't always had this deep a level of community. So I'm thankful that my wife knows how to fill herself up, but I'm even more thankful for the fact that she's in a place to do it!

One more thing I've discovered over the last year or so: my wife is pretty popular. I'm happy about that. She's an awesome lady. But I told her yesterday over lunch that I felt honored that she chose to spend her lunch with me. And I truly was. Happy birthday Mandy!

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Mandy Grisham said...

Thanks, babe! I'm not sure about the "pretty popular" bit, but I was just as happy as you were to spend lunch with you yesterday! I love you too!