Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Striving and Social Media

You might have noticed that I've been absent from the social media world for the last six weeks. I decided to fast from the blog, twitter and facebook as a part of Lent, and I have to say that God taught me a lot during this time. During much of the six weeks I taught on the Kingdom of God, and one sermon in particular was I think more for me than anyone else. My main point was that God's Kingdom is advancing, and it's in no way dependent on us. I shared that it is so easy for us to get caught up in believing the lie that this is all up to us (by this I mean our lives, our relationships, our passions, etc.).

After saying all of that, I began to be tested - just how much did I believe it? So the next week I spoke on God's view of work and rest, that working with God can only happen after we've rested in God. I realized just how much striving I do: "If I don't do _____, then it won't happen." I've come to realize that this type of living just brings me into bondage, not the freedom that God desires for me. And I realized that for me, social media feeds that striving. So the fast was more needed than I first realized.

Over the past few weeks I have experienced powerful sense of rest, which has led to a peaceful yet productive sense of working with God. I thank God for that, and I hope that my working (and even my social media) stays rooted in this rest. More to come...

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