Monday, May 24, 2010

Our Weekend Project

In April I discovered a crack in my foundation wall. The issue was erosion in my flower bed. Rain gushes off my roof in one place and had been washing out the flower bed.

So this weekend the boys were in Munford, and we got to work. We started around 11:00 on Friday and worked until 7:00 (with a brief break to go and help my dad build a trellis for Taylor's new house). All work and no play is no fun, especially when there are no kids, so Mandy and I went to the Levitt Shell after that.

The next morning we worked from 9:00 until 2:00, then went to Taylor's birthday party and then Megan's graduation in Jackson. Finally, Sunday morning we worked for a few more hours planting flowers, pruning bushes, mowing and edging. I'm still quite sore, but the results do make me quite happy!

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