Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Burn Out

A couple of months ago our counselor told Mandy and I that she felt that both of us were experiencing burnout. This was something new for me, but over the last few weeks I've begun to see some of the signs. This is something that I'm continuing to seek God over, but today I read this quote from John Piper's Brothers, We Are Not Professionals:

Few things frighten me more than the beginnings of barrenness that come from frenzied activity with little spiritual food and meditation.

Bingo! I sense barrenness, and I know that I am experiencing frenzied activity. I've not been this busy in a long time. So I have to ask myself what I'm eating. Sometimes our souls can be starving and we don't even know it. I am grateful that to God for these wake-up calls. I recognize His work.


Mark (aka pastor guy) said...

Wayne Cordiero's "Leading on Empty" & Anne Jackson's "Mad Church Disease" have been really helpful for me in times where I can feel the edges of my heart becoming singed.

Robert said...

Thanks for the suggestions.

Pat said...

Thank you for letting us know how to pray for you! Thank you for your willingness to listen to God's calling! We will continue to pray as God reveals more of His plan for your life!