Friday, April 15, 2011

Rob Bell's Book 3

Read Tim Keller's "The Importance of Hell", then read this blog post by Bill Walker. Walker's point is that Keller has already said much of what Bell is saying, yet Keller hasn't come under the attack that Bell has.

Great article from The Huffington Post called "Rob Bell vs. John Piper: Do we have to choose?" One of the best takeaways from this article is this quote: "Bell represents a movement among younger evangelicals that considers theological truth as a secondary concern. they are more about the 'journey' rather than the destination." This is so key. My recommendation with a book like this is to certainly read it, but also read what others are saying about the issue, and of course to read it in context with the Scriptures.

Scot McKnight posted a good article by Jeff Cook on the similarities between Rob Bell and C.S. Lewis. I've never read these Lewis works, but I find this very interesting. A quote: "I suspect Bell intimidates some because he is part of a culture they do not understand and cannot control (that culture is urban, postmodern, and discovers the truth more naturally through questions, sarcasm, and intuition than through the systematic presentations of the top Christian publishing house)."

Finally, a friend just told me about Darrell Bock's chapter-by-chapter review, which can be found here.

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