Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Busy but Free Heart

Life has gotten a little chaotic as of late.  Real Estate has been keeping me very busy.  School is just about out for the boys.  We leave for our two week California Adventure next Tuesday.  Always so much to do.  So I ask myself once again, "How is my heart?"  I can be a workaholic.  I can push through some long hours and get a pretty good high from it.  But just as quickly I can pick up the scent of a frantic and stressed out heart.  I've noticed that several times over the last few weeks.

My remedy:  Take 10 minutes.  Turn off the phone and the computer.  Turn down the lights.  Close my eyes.  Be still.  Remind myself of the Father's love for me - that right now in this moment, He is very fond of me!  Remind myself of all that He is doing in my life; in my family; in my church; in my city.  Remind myself of His never-ending blessings and provision.  Remind myself that I don't have to be in control, and that it's actually better if I'm not.  The Spirit of God does a MUCH better job of directing the affairs of my life than I do.

This isn't some magic button to push that makes problems go away. But it's pretty remarkable what happens when I do this.  In these moments I'm fighting for my joy, I'm guarding my heart, and I'm intentional about speaking the Gospel to myself.