Friday, January 25, 2013

The Emotionally Healthy Church Planter

I read a great book this week.  Two great things about it:  it's short, and it's free!

It's called The Emotionally Healthy Church Planter, but don't let those last two words throw you.  You could insert any profession into this and the book would be beneficial.  The e-book is by Pete Scazzero, and it's based off his books Emotionally Healthy Spirituality and The Emotionally Healthy Church.

Listen to what he says here, and again, insert what you do in place of church planting.  This is more a symptom of our overall culture than anything else.

Church planting can be like an addiction—only it is not an addiction to drugs or alcohol, but to activity and doing.
Our bodies cannot seem to physiologically get off the adrenaline rush in order to slow down. We battle to make the best use of every spare minute we have. We fear how things might fall apart if we slow down or stop, so we just keep going. We end our days exhausted from the endless demands being placed on us. We know we need to rest and recharge, but who has time for that when the church plant is hanging by a thread? Soon even our “free time” becomes filled with demands as we try to squeeze more “doing” into an already overburdened life.

Doesn't that make you feel tired just reading it!

In this book Scazzero makes the case that emotional health cannot be separated from spiritual maturity.  He talks about how we cultivate a relationship with God, what it looks like to really rest, what a rule of life looks like, and how our interior lives impact our marriages and our leadership.

I highly recommend this ebook.  You can download the kindle, mobi or pdf version here.


jeremy said...
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jeremy said...

You have the right principle. Keep doing what you started.

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